Sales Terms

Unless anything else has been agreed upon the purchaser upholds all expenses for transportation in connection with the installation. Purchaser also covers all expenses for accommodation of CIBO`s installer in connection with the installation. Accommodation and transport is invoiced in accordance with state rates. Furthermore, the purchaser covers all expenses regarding transportation of equipment from CIBO´s office in Copenhagen to agreed place of delivery and installation.

Standard start of Installation is 2-3 weeks from the signing of order confirmation. A period of installation will be agreed upon on the first project meeting.

If CIBO does not deliver within the agreed deadline the purchaser has the right to demand in writing that CIBO deliver the goods and services within a reasonable term (minimum 14 days) and thereby give notice that purchaser wishes to annul the agreement as pertains to the delayed part of the delivery if this does not take place within the agreed upon term.

Aside from abovementioned possibility of annulment purchaser cannot make any claims of breach of contract towards CIBO due to the delay. CIBO is thus not liable regarding any loss of business, profit directly or indirectly as a consequence of the delay.


All prices are exclusive VAT and delivery.

Payment requirements are 100% by buying online from our website or   for customizable products payment requirements are 50% by signing of contract and the remaining amount 14 days after the installation date if no other agreement have been made. From the due date interest of overdue payment is calculated with 1,5% per month that has commenced. In case of an installation for more than one site, the invoicing will take place progressively with the individual installations. All customers are subjected to a credit rating and CIBO reserves the right to annul any contract before start of installation if the credit rating warrant it.

Service agreements are paid in advance of the covered period of 3 months.
The Installed hardware and software remains the property of CIBO until full and final payment is received, thereafter these are owned by purchaser exclusively.

CIBO extends a warranty of 12 months on hardware that is manufactured by CIBO. Warranty repairs are performed according to the following procedure: The equipment is sent to CIBO or whichever place of service that CIBO refers it to. In cases where non-dedicated EDB power referring to point 8.2 in this agreement has been installed CIBO reserves the right to reject warranty repairs cause by sudden oscillatory disruptions in the power supply.

Warranty for other hardware is provided in accordance with the warranty extended by the producer of the hardware in question. In other respects, we refer to English law regarding ordinary warranty conditions and product liability.

Work that is hourly paid is not included in this agreement and will be invoiced according to CIBO´s current price list.  Hourly paid work must be approved either by signature on work order, fax or mail from employee who is entitled to sign on behalf of the firm.

Any misuse or unauthorized use of the Cibo system is the sole responsibility of the customer. Persons or technicians working for the customer are likewise the responsibility of the customer.

CIBO claims no responsibility for the consequences of any interruptions of work in connection with the use of the Cibo system. Furthermore, CIBO can never be held accountable for any loss of business, data, lost earnings or any other indirect loss.

At the start of our cooperation CIBO cannot be held responsible for any existing technical issues in relation to the Cibo system and agreements with third party suppliers and possible flaws in their services. CIBO is not responsible for any injuries caused by the delivered equipment on the real estate, movable property, or products intended for commercial use. The mentioned limitations in CIBO´s responsibility do not apply if CIBO has exhibited gross negligence. If third party make any claim against either CIBO or purchaser regarding liability in connection with the foregoing, the party must immediately inform the other of such claim. CIBO and purchaser are mutually obligated to let themselves be summoned to the court or arbitral tribunal which examines such claims against any of them.

Purchaser shall indemnify and hold CIBO harmless to the extent that CIBO incurs liability towards any third party in respect of any damage for which CIBO under the aforementioned is not liable towards the purchaser. CIBO has taken out a business and product liability insurance.

The Installation requires the presence of at least one employee with adequate knowledge of purchaser’s internal network and cabling. Any delay that may occur as a consequence of the lack of such a contact person, inadequate network or inadequate access to necessary areas of purchaser’s premises do not fall under the responsibility of CIBO and the extra hours this may cause CIBO to spend on the installation will be invoiced separately according to general price list.

It falls on purchaser to obtain insurance and ensure the necessary IT infrastructure and security:
1. Network cabling of minimum CAT5 standard for all points of installation carried out by authorized electricians.
2. Dedicated computer power for all points of the installation.
3. Other necessary equipment and software such as switches and antivirus programs when this is not included in CIBO´s quotation. If        purchaser has not  installed an antivirus program by the date of the installation CIBO will install our recommendedsolution to ensure the  security of the installationand purchaser will be invoiced according to standard price list.

If a maintenance agreement has been made or an agreement for remote backup or purchaser is being installed with a credit card interface an ADSL or VPN line is required according to the specifications of CIBO.

It is the responsibility of purchaser to make their staff members available for training without interruptions at the agreed upon time and place of training without any interruptions. CIBO is not responsible for any lack of knowledge regarding the system if the employees have not been available for training at the agreed time.

Inquiries to the Cibo support department that are a consequence of lack of training will be invoiced according to standard price list regardless of the existence of maintenance agreement.

Subcription contracts

This terms of sales are binding, after customer have subcribed and paid for FeedMii products.
Payment terms for first time customers are: C.O.D. (cash or certified check), credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover), or direct wire transfer of US funds unless an open account has been established.

Remittance: All remittances hereunder, including interest payments, shall be made payable in US dollars to the Cibo App Ltd., through our webshop without deduction for exchange fluctuations, customs or foreign government assessments (taxes, stamps, or similar charges). The Cibo App also accepts credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover), and International credit card payments.

Monthly reaccuring hosting fees: customers credit card will automatically charged every month and customer will be issued valid invoice.
Termination of contract: Customer can terminate their contract within 7 days after subscribing or any time 6 months after the first subcription date. If ther termination is with in the above termination period, customer will not be charged any termination fee, but in case of termination in the first six months of the subscribtion period, customer will be charged monthly fee for 6 months.